Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, That Clears Things Up a Little

I've been using the same 15" CRT monitor for more than 10 years without much thought as to its technological limitations. A week after I responded to a comment from Matthew Lyons week it, literally, blew up. I'm talking "bzzzzzzzzzz....KA-POW!" So, because i use my computer to keep track of my jobs, i needed a monitor in a hurry and, because i'm a broke ass mofo, it had to be really cheap - er, inexpensive.

Off to the Georgia Avenue Thrift Store i went and, lo and behold, i found a shiny 17" CRT monitor for $20! Okay, so it's a little buggy, like i can't get the window to square up, but the colours and details are incredible! I'm seeing things that were hidden from me before: richer colours, finer, sharper details, smoother fonts, Halle Berry naked! The downside is that a some of the stuff i scanned and uploaded to various websites looks really crappy to me now. I feel like i should start over and scan my drawings again. However, my still life photos may become a lost cause as, in order to fix some of them, i would need to reshoot them. Even "Kenny" the Swainson's Thrush i shot will be different if i reshoot it as it's been in my freezer since last summer and i'm unsure of what will happen if i thaw him out.

Or, maybe, they can all be corrected in Photoshop.

Right now on RadioMONDO:
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Steve Lawrence - Lawrence Goes Latin
The Friends of Distinction - Grazin'
New Order - Brotherhood


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