Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LP of the Day

Every once in a while a record gets released that redefines what American roots rock should sound like and The Brandos "Honor Among Thieves" does even more than that. It managed to bring a fresh sound to the genre without losing sight of it's history. This, their 1987 debut, is a like a buffalo charging across the plains (amazing considering these guys are from New York) that, even today, doesn't sound dated. From the opening salvo of "Gettysburg" to their kick-ass cover of The Sonics' "Strychnine" to the plaintive "Come Home" this LP is worth having for it's excellent music and intelligent lyrics.
Of course, being a great American band does not mean American radio will support it. Even on the strength of "Gettysburg" and "Nothing to Fear" they failed to get the following they deserved here in the US but they found success in Europe. If you like bands like The Call, Seven Mary Three, and Treat Her Right you should definitely pick up on this one.

Dave Kincaid - vocals, guitars
Larry Mason - drums, vocal
Ernie Mendillo - bass, vocals
Ed Rupprecht - guitars, harmonica
with Joe Kernich - keyboards

A1 Gettysburg
A2 A Matter of Survival
A3 Nothing to Fear
A4 Honor Among Thieves
A5 Strychnine
B1 Hard Luck Runner
B2 In My Dreams
B3 Walking on the Water
B4 Come Home

Newest Work for 2010

Faded Flowers 1
Photograph copyright 2010 Guy WR Waynes/StudioMONDO.

I shot this with a HP Scanjet 3570c flatbed scanner that i bought at the Goodwill for $15. I played with the contrast and did a little SFX on it in Adobe Photoshop 7 (which I copied off a harddrive I found in a computer someone threw away. Lucky me, huh?).
For more of my photography and other artwork you can go to my DeviantArt page or my Flickr photostream.

Today on RadioMONDO:
GusGus - Forever
The Brandos - Honor Among Thieves
Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (OST)
The Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Accent on Africa

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