Friday, May 24, 2013

Real Deal of the Day: IKEA Style

The Kitty checks out the new chair, prefers the box it came in.

So, I decided that, since I've been in this apartment for 16 years, I should stop buying cheap dorm room furniture of fleeting quality and get something a little more substantial. Having the day off I ventured out to IKEA in College Park to have a look around. I like IKEA because, unlike my other fave store, Target, they have cheap dorm room stuff and some pretty good mid-price, home goods. I also like the fact that they don't seem to discontinue merchandise as quickly as other retailers so, if I decide to buy another chair, say next year, they'll still carry it. 

I bought the POÄNG chair because I wanted a comfy chair, with a high back and arms, that wouldn't overwhelm what's left of the floorspace in my living room. I had this thing unpacked and put together in about 20 minutes (probably would've taken less time without Kitty's "assistance"). The cushion cover is washable, which is a bonus considering that Kitty apparently can't eat canned chicken cat food without throwing it up on anything other than the wood or tile floors. The absolute best thing is that the chair with the cushion cost only $69USD!

Now, all I need is some kind of shelf (or shelves) for my 1,300 or so CDs that doesn't take up too much floorspace. Too bad that most retail stores don't cater more to people who collect things like CDs and DVDs. I guess I'm too old school and prefer, unlike most people, to have the actual media instead of a bunch of files on my computer or streamed from the 'net. I'll probably have to get someone to build something for me.

Today on RadioMONDO:
Horiso - Tri-Lions (thanks to Krzysiek P. for the music)
Allison Krauss & Union Station - Lonely Runs Both Ways
Fleetwood Mac - Mystery to Me
The Very Best of Booker T. & The MGs 
José James - The Dreamer (thanks Beth for sharing)

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