Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New-ish Artwork...

untitled collage with pastel and acrylic paint ©2003 - 2012 guy mondo / StudioMONDO

okay. so it's been awhile since i last posted. it's been even longer since i did any new art artwork. The piece above isn't really new. I started it in 2003, wasn't happy with it, put it away. I just added some more stuff to the left side to balance it out. I'm still not sure i like it though. I think i went a little crazy with the paint and the gel texture. i think i'll leave it alone now.
     It a fairly large piece for me, about 9.5X10.5 inches, and, because i worked on it over a long period of time, my focus on the subject matter changed a couple of times. I recall thinking about how christianity was used as a tool to control African slaves by replacing the old deities with a new ideal that, essentially, looked like the masters. Slaves were taught that their miserable lot in life would be rewarded in the afterlife. If you were a good and obedient slave you would get your "pie-in-the-sky". I think that, nowadays, too many black people still believe this without question. I, personally, prefer to not put any faith in any religion. At some other time i may come back to this collage and explain the symbolism in it but it's late and i'm tired.

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