Wednesday, August 17, 2016

See Ya Later Kid

Ardi dreaming baby squirrel dreams.

It's been pretty hot in DC this summer with record-breaking high temps all month. Even I have been restricting my outdoor activities at work and at home (not out hiking and fishing in this soup, no sir!). Yesterday, however, I had to get in my pizza oven on wheels to go get some lunch. As I walked across the parking lot I could see there was something under the front tire. It was a baby squirrel! I thought it had to be dead as I didn't know how long it had been there but it couldn't possibly survive long on the blazing blacktop. I got a glove out of my car to pick it up and it gave a little squeak!
     My boss suggested leaving on the ground near a tree but I thought it's chances of survival weren't very good as it was getting late and, besides the foxes, possums and raccoons that frequent the property, people in the neighborhood often let their dog run free in the parking lot when they think no one is around to say anything to them. I figured it was best to take him inside and call Animal Control. While I waited for them to come and get Ardi (short for ardilla, the Spanish word for squirrel) I carried him around, in a plastic tray lined with a cleaning cloth, with me as i worked because I work in a building with people who freak out when they encounter any kind of wildlife, especially small rodents. And crickets.
     When the Animal Control Officer came I handed Ardi to her and he gave a little squeak. He held on to my thumb until she could put him in a little container in her truck. She said he would go to a refuge where he would be spoiled for a few weeks before going back into the wild somewhere.
     I already miss the little guy.

If you find a lost pet or see an animal in trouble, wild or domesticated, in the DC-area please call the Washington Humane Society (or you own local animal control office). Ardi will thank you.