Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RadioMONDO Reviews: Ben Harper

I picked this CD up as the result of hearing one tune on a friend's MySpace page. I'd heard about Harper before but, until then, I hadn't heard his music. Man! I was knocked out of my chair! From the bluesy guitar opener to his rendering of Maya Angelou's "I'll Rise" this CD is an awesome and inspiring ride. Even the throwaway "Mama's Got A Girlfriend Now" serves to lighten the moodiness of the songs on either side of it by injecting a little humor. Standout cuts are "Like A King", "How Many Miles Must We March", "Welcome To The Cruel World", and "I'll Rise".
The only drawback, and it really annoys me, is the "hidden" track that doesn't come up for several minutes after track #13. It's a good song but not so good that I am willing to listen to dead air waiting for it and, if I'm in the car and don't have the time to change the CD, I usually don't wait.



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