Sunday, January 1, 2012

Deal With the Devil

ME: "Hey Kitty..."
THE KITTY WITH NO NAME: "Whuddat food?"
ME: "It's peanut brittle, you want some?"
TKWNN: "Is good food?"
ME: "I like it. Do you want some or not?"
TKWNN: "Food me!"
ME: "Here you evil thing."
TKWNN: "This not food! What you eat!"
ME: "That is what I'm eating."
TKWNN: "Do not want! Pingnud brzzle not food! Want cookie foods!"
ME: "You ate all the cookies. Go away!"
TKWNN: "Cookies now!"
ME: "No cookies."
TKWNN: "No good! I put socks in toilet again, okay?"

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