Friday, February 18, 2011

Pather Ke Log: M.Aziz v/s M. Rafi

This is a compilation of songs, from different Hindi films, performed by "playback" artists (singers that dub the songs for the actors in Bollywood films) Mohammed Rafi and Mohammad Aziz. I guess the idea behind this cassette was to show how Mohammad Aziz's reverence for Mohammed Rafi made him a shoo-in as his successor in pop music after M. Rafi's death in 1980. Both of them are excellent singers with very pleasant voices so it would be hard to say which I liked better than the other. Admittedly, M. Aziz' songs have better sound and production than some of the older tracks by M. Rafi and I can't comment on the quality of the material they worked with but the whole thing is an entertaining listen.

A curious thing about this album is that, apparently, it's the 4th part of a series and it has spoken vignettes between each song with a man and woman talking. It sounds like they're shilling for the films related to the songs or for other albums in the series. It reminds on those 30-minute infomercials for the Time-Life soul CDs with Peabo Bryson and a woman I don't remember gushing about how fantastic the CDs are.

The Tracks:
A1Mohammad Aziz - Teri Bewafai Ka
A2Mohammad Rafi - Kya Hua Tera
A3Mohammad Aziz - Tera Gham Agar
A4Mohammad Rafi - Mere Dushman
A5Mohammad Aziz - De Raha Hai Dua
B1Mohammad Rafi - Teri Galiyon Mein
B2Mohammad Aziz - Mitwa Bhool Na
B3Mohammad Rafi - Jis Ke Liye Sab Ko
B4Mohammad Aziz - O Be Wafa O Be
B5Mohammad Rafi - Agar De Wafa

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