Monday, February 21, 2011

Bachelor Father

Sunday afternoon I go out to buy some food and find a kitten just chillin' on the stairs.It doesn't seem to be afraid of me so I pet it because TheGuy likes the kitties a lot. When i come home it's still there and the kids from next door say she's been there all day. I suggest to DJ (the youngest kid of the group who lives across the courtyard from me) he take her home since Chico (the oldest of the three next door kids is afraid of cats) but he says his mom doesn't like cats either. So, after they go out to play, i go back to my apartment and the kitten follows me in. Okay, so what to do now? I guess i could make a flyer to say i found her. Later.
I figure that she might be hungry because i vaguely remember that kittens (she looks to be about 4 or 5 months old) are sorta like puppies in that they need to eat a lot like the growing things they are. I gave her a little bowl of water and a fairly good sized piece of fried catfish. Not only did she eat 3 pieces of fish she also drank all of the water. I guess she'd been with out food or water for awhile. I just happened to have a bag of cheap litter to use in my car in case i got stuck in the snow. I put some in an old plastic dish left from some catering job and she used it...bonus! Housebroken! She follows me from room to room and will only get up on what little furniture i have if i'm sitting on it. She spent the night sleeping next to me without incident. So far, so good.
Today i went out to buy some proper cat food as all i had been feeding her was rice with a little nam pla (Asian fish sauce). Apparently, she is very comfortable here alone as she was still in the same place i left her when i came back from the store with her food. Again, bonus! I saw my neighbor, Curtis, who adopted an abandoned Siamese that lived up the street before it's owner's moved away and left her. He said the kitten was in his building not long before (all of the buildings here share a common basement). I showed him the flyer i'd made an he said to forget about trying to find an owner, "It's yours now. Best get used to it."

Yeah, i guess she is.

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