Thursday, June 19, 2008


The StudioMONDO Board of Directors circa 1964.
Guy Mondo second from right.

Yesterday, while I was driving on University Boulevard towards "Four Corners", some goof in the next lane over keeps drifting into the lane I'm in like they want to change lanes. I slow to let them over and they drift back to the left. I speed up to pass and they drift back into my lane. I toot my horn and they drive along the lane divide, taking up two lanes now. When I get to my turn onto Colesville Rd. they pull around into the lane to my right so their van is right next to me. I figure here's an opportunity to give this dumb ass "the Look".

I knew it! It was some idiot yapping away on a cellphone! What made this funny, though, was he had a bumper sticker on the rear drivers side window that said "SHUT UP AND DRIVE!" and it had a picture of a cell phone with a circle-and-slash over it. It was advertising the "Car Talk" radio show. Unfortunately, the light changed before I could bring his stupidity to his attention.
Just had to get that out...

In the StudioMONDO CD player right now:
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
TLC - CrazySexyCool
Queen Latifah - Black Reign
Jan Garbarek - I Took Up The Runes
The Cult - Sonic Temple


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