Monday, June 9, 2008

Hulk Smash!

Captain America #110. Copyright 1968, Marvel Comics. Artist: Jim Steranko

I love comic books.

They are one of my favorite sources of entertainment. I really like it when one of my fave titles get made into a movie and is done well. Nowadays super heroics make great movies because they get enough money and talent behind them to make them a worthwhile venture. Back in the day, this wasn't so. Even with the popularity of the superhero on film they were rarely seen as viable product on the big screen and were relegated to TV where advertisers mostly regulated content to the detriment of the source material often turning our heroes into shtick (i.e.: the Batman of the 60's, Captain Nice and Mr. Terrific).

Today, superheroes are big business because baby boomers were raised in the Silver Age of comics when the writing and artwork took a giant step away from the previous age of one-dimensional characters and the clear divisions of right and wrong. Comics edge themselves into the real world in the hands of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby who double-handedly revolutionised the medium.

(Author's NOTE: Uh-oh! I'm getting long winded here when all I really wanted to do was show this CLIP to you.)

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