Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1960s Alive in 2011 Singapore?

I used to love those "Beach Party" movies when I was a kid in the 60's and was, also, a big fan of TV shows like Hullabaloo, Where the Action Is, American Bandstand, and Shindig. What I liked most was the music, of course, especially the "girl groups" and girl singers that always sang songs about getting The Boy, losing The Boy or going through life unnoticed by The Boy. Oddly enough though, out of the thousands of records I own, I have very little in the genre.
     Now my interest has been piqued lately by a site I came across while researching cover art for my ongoing contributions to the Rate Your Music database called The Hamster and the Guppies which led me to a new band from Singapore called Obedient Wives Club who have really captured the spirit of Lesley Gore, The Shangi-Las, The Chantels and the whole Phil Spector girl singer discography. It would be great to see what they could do with a proper studio recording as the samples at their Bandcamp page sound like they were recorded in a garage for real.



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