Monday, April 11, 2011

Video Review of the Day: Robbie Williams

Today i decided to do a little housecleaning. While rummaging through my collection of VHS tapes i found a bunch of promo music videos. Among them was Rock DJ by Robbie Williams. It's a mediocre song made more interesting by this video in which begins with Robbie center-stage in a roller rink full of yawn-inducing, generic fashion models. He becomes increasingly distressed at not being the center of attention and begins a striptease to catch the eye of any of the women and, particularly, those of the DJ Lauren Gold.
     There's a pretty good idea at work here and it's well executed with better than average make-up effects and CGI so it's, actually, a lot of fun to watch with the sound off (or on depending on your tolerance for Robbie Williams). It's one of those things you want to view every once in a blue moon. Unfortunately, after watching it today, it is stuck in my VCR so now i can't watch my VHS copy of Volumen.

Music: 2/5 - i'm bewildered by the popularity of this goof
Video: 3/5 - a good idea wasted on a bland song

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