Thursday, October 29, 2009

RadioMONDO Reviews: The Neville Bros. "Yellow Moon"

Today's deal was bought at the Georgia Avenue Thrift Store, of course, for a mere $1.91.

This is a very, very good album from the Nevilles. It's quite a departure from their Nawlins R&B roots largely due to
Daniel Lanois' dark, Southern Gothic production. This is the imaginary soundtrack to the Crescent City of Anne Rice and Barry Gifford aided and abetted by Brian Eno most of the songs have an ambience that, by turns, is both thought provoking and beautiful. Aaron Neville's voice is powerful, plaintative, and at times almost ethereal. Almost all of the songs were written by the Neville Bothers but they also cover Link Wray's "Fire and Brimstone", the bluegrass standard "Will the Circle Be Unbroken", Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come", and two Bob Dylan songs, "With God on Our Side" and "The Ballad of Hollis Brown".

The only downside to this record is the final track, "Wild Injuns", not because it a bad song (it's great) but because it should have either been the lead track or on another, more upbeat album in the Nevilles' regular R&B catalog. If it were track one it would be the last song you hear at a party before walking home in the foggy dark among cypress trees heavy with Spanish moss.



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