Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nat "King" Cole - Wild Is Love

This is a concept album on the subject of finding, and holding on to, love from a urban hipster's point-of-view. Nat Cole is the suave narrator on this journey through "Hundreds of Thousands of Girls" that will, ultimately, end with the playboy opting out of the swinging life for "The One".

Excellent vocals from the Master of Smooth and you can't go wrong with arrangements by the incomparable Nelson Riddle whose orchestra ably assists in setting the perfect cosmopolitain backdrop for each song. I recommend this to anyone looking for romantic trip with one of the best tour-guides in the biz. As an added bonus, the gatefold cover comes with an eleven page full-color photobook tipped-in with some great 60's stock photography and musings on the art of love like: "Love will find you someday. But why wait? This could be the night! So get out on the boulevard and make the scene..." Even the catalog number was sexy!

Nat "King" Cole - Wild is Love
Capitol Records (1960)
Cat. #: SWAK 1392*

A1 Introduction 0:46
A2 Wild Is Love 2:02
A3 Hundreds and Thousands of Girls 2:36
A4 It's a Beautiful Evening 3:15
A5 Tell Her in the Morning 3:00
A6 Are You Disenchanted? 3:26
A7 Pick-Up 2:36

B1 Beggar for the Blues 3:25
B2 World of No Return 2:50
B3 In Love Again 2:48
B4 Stay With It 2:18
B5 Wouldn't You Know (Her Name Is Mary) 2:30
B6 He Who Hesitates 3:17
B7 Wild Is Love Finale 0:44

*Sealed With A Kiss


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