Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Good News is You've Lost 100lbs....

The bad news is that you're now a white woman.
The ad above is real. It was found on Wolf's Kompaktkiste's Pink Floyd Trance Remix page. It links to the Life of Lisa "blog" touting the weightloss benefits of the Acai Berry and a product called Colon Cleanse. Apparently the use of these products will not only lighten the load on your feet but it will also, by becoming a white woman, bump you up a notch in the American social strata. Of course this will make it much easier for you, as a newly slimmer white woman, to snag yourself a newly well-to-do Black man because, as every Black woman knows, as soon as a Black man makes some money the first thing he does is get himself a white woman to show off how successful he's become.
Maybe that's not such bad news after all...

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