Thursday, September 11, 2008

Album of the Day: "Beatnick Beatch" by Beatnick Beatch

Back in the 80s I was an illustrator in an ad agency and one of the benefits of being "in the biz" was the loads of free stuff that came in the mail every day. One such freebie that crossed my desk was from a company called Eva-Tone out of Clearwater, FL. Eva-Tone made thin, mailable vinyl promo records that were used to send audio presentations to clients. The "soundsheet" I got that day was a promo for a new magazine called FAD (Fashion, Art, Design) and the first cut on side one was "Beatnik Beatch" by Beatnik Beatch and it knocked my socks off with it's retro jazz/blues bass, stompin' brumbeat, synth-horn breaks and whiney yet tough-guy vocals. The title cut and the song "Maria" make getting a copy of this worthwhile if you can find it.
Years later I found the Beatnik Beatch lp in the cutout bin and was pleasantly suprised that the whole lp kicked ass, too. Later still, I heard Jellyfish's "Belly Button" and couldn't figure out why it sounded different yet so familiar. Too bad both Sturmer/Manning projects turned out to be one-shot wonders...



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