Saturday, August 9, 2008

That Must Have Been A Hell of a Reception

I work in catering and have done quite a few wedding receptions. I've seen a couple of odd cakes (a coffin with a Slinky,and a Homer Simpson inside made by The Ace of Cakes) and cake decorations (full sized Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head toys) but none like the pic above. I got this months ago from somewhere on the 'net but I don't recall where.

I can only wonder what went on at the reception just based on the drunken abandon I've witnessed at the weddings I was bartending.

Today on the Wheels-of-Steel:
Pat Suzuki
Miss Pony Tail
Method Actors - Dancing Underneath
John Martyn -
One World
Dr. John the Night Tripper - The Sun, Moon & Herbs

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